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TopShelf Canna

TopShelf Canna Distribution Company was designed and built from the ground up solely to process, manufacture, and distribute CULTIVE products.

A state of the art facility designed to reduce Cannabis “touch points”. Fully automated, we use some of the most sophisticated processing, packaging, and manufacturing equipment available today in a hygienic, dust-free, environment. Always mindful of the footprint we all make, we draw less power, and use less water than our counterparts AND we pay our staff a “better” than living wage. The end result is a safe, tested, consistent, guilt-free product that is as fresh as the day it left the farm.

LeafyPack Full Jar Indexing Line.png

Full Jar Indexing Line

Designed to package flower

LeafyPack Full Jar Indexing Line is a fully automated modular system designed to package flower up to 25 jars/minute with precision weighing and built-in secondary weigh checking for high efficiency, consistency and quality control. 

Some key features include the high-end German load cells for up to 0.05g accuracy, toolless removal of buckets and pans for easy cleaning and sanitation, full washdown capabilities, and a secondary precision check system rejects product which does not meet specifications and can then be recycled. 

Solid Packaging Robotik.png

Pre-roll production

Accuracy of 0.001 Grams

We don't vibrate our cannabis! Our pre-roller transports the cannabis using only belts and gear. Our research shows that when you vibrate cannabis it damages the trichomes and separates them from the flower. This is why we chose to use belts and gears to pre-roll our premium Humboldt County cannabis. 

Both GMP Certified and UL Listed ensuring the the pre-roller is easy to clean and sanitize and safe to operate. There are 2 scales with an accuracy of 0.001 Grams, the cannabis is weighed before the cone is filled and the final weight of the pre-rolled is check as it exits the machine. 

THAR Process 2X18 Liter-Super Critical-C

C02 Extraction Machine 

Super Critical Extraction

We want our premium Humboldt County cannabis to stay as pure and true to nature as possible that is why we chose the best method to produce high quality cannabis. CO2 extraction is a safer and more organic way of obtaining plant extracts while preserving the plant's natural properties.


Our CO2 Extraction machine produces up to 99.9% pure cannabinoids with speed, precision, quality, and efficiency.

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